Anja Saskia Beyer - Loving Nora

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"Loving Nora" ist the English Edition of "Himbeersommer", a kindle topseller in Germany in Humor and Love

Somehow a part of a happy relationship is a child, Nora thinks. The architect, whose life is chaotic, and her partner of many years, Alex, have been trying for two years. But sex according to a timetable is quite different from pure passion. To save her relationship Nora takes up an unusual, crazy idea."You’re nuts," says Jacky, her best friend. But Nora is not to be talked out of it and carries out her plan.
When she falls in love with the shamelessly charming Daniel, twelve years and a hundred wrinkles younger than she is, disorder really breaks loose. Nora becomes a mother and her life more turbulent than ever. And then Nora has to decide on the best father for her child and which man she loves.

Published by Doyé


When men are sleeping, they really sleep - with an open mouth, with vibrating nostril hairs – and Alex was naked. At last we have had really good sex. Yes, even though we have been together for seven years, and waking passion by pressing on a button is at least as hard as giving up on a piece of raspberry tart with whipped cream.
My cell phone is tootling "The Look of Love" by Nina Simone, while I‘m pushing my pelvis upward like an expert to increase the chances of getting pregnant.
"Jacky, you’re interrupting," I whisper quietly into the phone. "We’ve just had ... you know what."
"Sex during ovulation? That’s fantastic. For sure that’s just how you have always imagined your 39th. Happy birthday, honey. I just wanted to be the first, your number one."
"Thanks. It really was good this time."
"Didn’t he go straight back to sleep?"
"Oh yes. He did that. While still on top of me. I’ve just rolled him off. For about half a year he’s been going to sleep straight afterwards and I don’t know why. It drives me crazy."
"I’m sure that’s a typical male ego problem.” She tries to cheer me up. "Your stubborn ovum doesn’t like his sperm, and that’s too much for him. No, Nora, don’t tell yourself again that it’s your fault. There are a thousand reasons why you can’t get pregnant quickly and of them 956 are not the woman’s fault, okay?”
"Yeah, yeah. But … do you think our relationship can stand that for long?”
Jacky breathes out. "You two are our dream couple. If you separate a million frustrated single women will throw themselves into the Hudson River." Jacky really sounds a bit desperate now. "And I, as a single, will be the first to go.”
"I’ll fish you out again."
"Very funny. Is our Wednesday lunch still on for this week?”
"Of course."
"Wonderful. I have to tell you something.”
"Tell me now."
"No, no. Just this much: nasi goreng."
She laughs. "More on Wednesday." Her voice gets warmer. "Better to snuggle up to him again. Maybe it’s worked this time. A tiny, cute birthday present."
I nod with a grin. We say goodbye and I hang up full of hope.
Alex is sleeping restlessly. His nostrils are slightly vibrating.
Zap! His arm flips over and comes to rest on my naked breast which unfortunately then slides even further to the side. Nothing is the way it used to be!
We’re in the middle of the chaos of moving house. Our six-foot mattress is lying on the floor, a big battle-scarred suitcase next to it. The sun warms my forehead. We urgently need to buy curtains.
Lovingly I kiss him awake.
"Were you dreaming of me or our bank balance?" I look at him inquisitively. "You seemed to be so troubled."
Alex smiles, gives me a kiss and embraces me firmly. We roll over on the mattress and laugh as we get tangled up in the blankets.
"I was thinking of you. All the best for your birthday, sweetie, have I already said that? Gee, your feet are so cold again!"
"And I was scared they’d get hot at 39," I sigh. "The heatwave problem sets in much later, doesn’t it?"